Western Pennsylvania Quarterbacks Club

“Western Pennsylvania Quarterbacks Club” Friday Night Lights Football

Growing up in the 1970’s, in the midst of autumn’s calendar; a brisk October chill put just enough charge in the air to inspire both the revelry and the rivalry of Friday Night High School Football.

With pageantry, passion and bragging rights on the line; workers waited in week long anticipation while bar stool wagers were being made, pitting one home town team against another. But nothing compared to actually “buckling one’s chin strap” and playing the game. And some played the game better than most.

Blessed by God and nurtured by family; they came from towns small and large, instilled with Western Pennsylvanian pride and heritage. Rising from the glow of red hot smelting furnaces and foundries throughout the valley came such names as; Blanda, Unitas, Namath, Montana, Kelly and Marino. Never before in the history of sports has one region been so blessed with such “Gridiron Greats.”

I hope you are all pleased with my interpretation of this great Western Pennsylvanian Pastime.